Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota

The MOVI M10 and M15 are hand held or drone lifted camera stabilization rigs that redefine the possibilities for camera movement. Stumptown offers both systems with either an operator and base system or as a package with the Red Epic, Black Magic or A7s Camera. Our packages include the Atomos Shogun 4K recorder, Redrock Wireless Remote Follow Focus, Arrow Plus Wireless Monitoring Transmitter and Two Recievers with Small HD AC7 and DP4 monitors and Canon CN-E 24mm Prime or 16-35mmm L Series Zoom lenses. Inquire for lighting, dollies, motorized time-lapse rigs and anything else you may need for your next production. We can provide anything from a single operator, to a small or large crew, post production and more. Contact us here.

Equipment Options:

+ Movi M10 or M15 Gimbal
+ Red Dragon, Black Magic 4K or Sony A7s
+ Shogun 4K Monitor/ Recorder
+ Redrock Wireless Remote Follow Focus
+ Arrow Plus HDMI Transmitter and 2 Recievers
+ Small HD AC7 Oled and DP4 monitors
+ Canon 24 & 50mm CN-E and 16-35mm L

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